Gridcoin Plateaux

Securing the Gridcoin Research blockchain from Europe

Gridcoin Plateaux DNS Seed

Discover IP addresses of active full nodes which accept incoming connections. Add Gridcoin Plateaux DNS Seed to secure and speed up blockchain synchronization of your wallet.

# gridcoinresearchd addnode add;

Gridcoin Plateaux Full Nodes

Active and fast full nodes with high uptime. Strategically located in Europe. Different operating systems, different CPU architectures and different hardware. Gridcoin Research always built from source code. All maintained to guarantee security, robustness and availability of the blockchain.

# gridcoinresearchd addnode add;
# gridcoinresearchd addnode add;
# gridcoinresearchd addnode add;
# gridcoinresearchd addnode add;

Gridcoin Plateaux Onion

Tor Onion services for Gridoin Research. Hide your location and use Gridcoin blockchain through anonymous and encrypted Tor network.


The goal of the Gridcoin Plateaux is running solid Gridcoin Services to provide robust architecture and enterprise solutions to speed up blockchain synchronization, accelerate transactions, and support all BOINC based scientific research. Main Gridcoin Plateaux components are strategically located in European locations and supported by world class vendors.


One of the first domain name registrars approved by ICANN in France. It now offers over 750+ top-level domains, and adding more on a regular basis.


One of the world's largest network plaftorms trusted by over 12 million domains. It is on a mission to help build a better Internet.


Leading European CDN provider who built a next-generation content delivery architecture from the ground up. It is Swiss registered company with headquarter in Winterthur.

Exoscale Swiss Cloud

Exoscale got its start in the beautiful Swiss mountains. European cloud computing for cloud native teams with datacenters in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


The first official declaration of the center of Europe was made in 1775 and calculated to be in Poland. Netrax is a telecommunication company with backbone networks and BGP routers in central Poland.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The next-generation green cloud solution with a strong focus on sustainability. A high-density computing environment powered by renewable resources and ARM Ampere Altra A1 compute platform.


Gridcoin v5.4.8.0 in Sweden

Gridcoin nodes in Sweden are maintained for long term support and low cost

Gridcoin v5.4.8.0 in Poland

Gridcoin nodes in Poland are maintained for modernity and compatibility

Gridcoin v5.4.8.0 in Austria

Gridcoin nodes in Austria are maintained for high availability

Gridcoin v5.4.8.0 in Switzerland

Gridcoin nodes in Switzerland are maintained for resistance and security